Flexera One: SaaS-Based IT Management Solution

Optimize the value of your technology to accelerate growth

Growing complexity in hybrid IT environments creates greater challenges for leaders like you. Flexera One helps you visualize your entire estate from on-premises to SaaS to cloud. And it delivers the power to mitigate risk, reduce costs and maximize every technology investment—so you can invest in innovation.

Technology Spend by Top 5 Vendors Chart

Maximize roi

Deliver results as spend shifts

Your universe consists of thousands of software licenses, dozens of SaaS providers, and a constellation of cloud and physical infrastructure. And it’s all connected. Get the most from your sprawling technology by maximizing the value of every IT dollar, regardless of where it’s invested.

Expected Change in Technology Investments - Flexera Tech Spend Pulse 2022

Illuminate insights

Align technology value with business value

IT speaks a different language than your business consumers. Flexera One analyzes the usage of hybrid infrastructure and spend by business services, business units, cost centers and users. Now you can present IT investment insights to your business partners to help them drive better, faster outcomes.

Get better deals

Negotiate contracts armed with data

Flexera One delivers a single view of all software, SaaS and cloud-product usage to enable you to negotiate agreements and renewals with vendors like Microsoft and Oracle. And develop a strategy to reduce negotiated prices with service providers like AWS, Google, Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow.

License Utilization by Products Chart
Waste in Software Spend

Reduce waste

Stop wasting technology spend

Organizations estimate their software spend waste and underutilization across desktop, data center and SaaS to be approximately 30 percent.

Powerful applications that deliver

IT visibility

Tech insights to transform your IT

Change the game with actionable insights across software, SaaS and cloud in your estate. Make decisions about end of life/end of support and rationalization opportunities. Understand your ever-expanding IT investments within the business context.

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IT Estate Chart
Gain greater control graph

IT asset management

Gain greater control over your IT assets

Dynamic asset management is vital to making decisions that could affect your whole enterprise. Flexera One gives you an ITAM engine designed for complex use cases in your hybrid IT environment.

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Cloud migration and modernization

Plan your journey to the cloud

Flexera One can identify the business services you should migrate no matter where you are on your cloud journey. And it gives you recommendations for optimal sizing and workload placement based on the application stack.

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Cost Overview by Month

Cloud cost optimization

Clear up your cloud costs

Optimize cloud spend in your multi-cloud world. Now you can get a clear picture of your cloud spend and avoid surprise costs. Flexera One enables you to realize the value of your cloud strategy and vision.

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